Choices in Non-fiction

The Body in Pain by Elaine Scarry
Seven Brief Lessons on Physics by Carlo Rovelli

I don’t read much non-fiction (I don’t read non-fiction), so I decided to pick up these books for some inspiration and all-round ‘let’s not feel too dumb this year’.

The Body in Pain is part critique, part philosophical essay on the nature of human suffering, and the way pain is presented in the world. Scarry divides her book into three main proponents:

  1. the difficulty of expressing physical pain
  2. the political/perceptual complications that arise from those difficulties
  3. the nature of human creation

(lifted and paraphrased from her intro)

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics is exactly what is says on the tin. Einstein’s theories, probability, quantum, the structure of the cosmos (etc, from what I can remember in my head).

This might be an interesting time to tell you that I took one science for A-Level (Biology) and got a straight set of impressive U’s on my end of year exams. So at least I know how to spell my name, am I right guys? Amirite?!

If anyone cares this is a close-up of the blanket I’ve been working on. I’m a certified hooker – I just love hooking. Innuendos aside and all, I have a penchant of starting projects at the beginning of the correct season, and ending them at the start of a wrong one, so I’m going to have two sweaty little nephews using this in the summer.

Look at it. It’s just so fluffy. I want to eat it. It’s like marshmallow.


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