Fight Me/Drunk Rant

Slipped toppling out that taxi cab
War wounds bashed over knobby knees and elbows
Clinging to my mate with the bloody gashed chin
Fight me baby I dare you.
I’m wasted, face it, taste all that whiskey
It’s tricky, risky, miss me in the morning
Once the sun shows and I blunder my way home…

Hangover vodka waiting by the bedside
Table, unstable, tripping over cables
Words on backwards and clothes written forwards
Fight me, really, I dare you.

Remember that night where we got it all wrong
Ten shots down and still standing strong
Botching words, unheard by the crowd and music
Pounding out
So damn loud.


Nooooooooooooooo remember that one night in uni you just got so hammered and starting mixing letters in your rum? Yikes.


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