Life Lessons in Gossip

Whisper lies from A to B
You cannot help but follow
A fragile string of cruel deceit
Ending shamefully in sorrow.

Undo your brain externally
Those juicy wretched fibs
Now resent, reset and remap yourself
And never part those lips.


Rhyming 101 – never rhyme fibs with lips. It dunt wurk.
Rhyming 101 for Sian – don’t rhyme, you’re poor at it.


6 thoughts on “Life Lessons in Gossip

  1. I was going to say that you rhyme well (sometimes I like to use half-rhymes more than full), but then I tried saying your poem out loud. Several times. And I kept saying “libs.” :/
    But a lovely poem nonetheless 🙂

    1. Haha thank you very much. I know! I stalked your not-so-adult-but-still-adult blog and you happen to have mastered the art of rhyming and half-rhyming. It just so happens that half-rhyming is difficult too. Libs dude.

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